August 21, 2012

Speed Up Google Chrome On OS X [SSD*]

I’ve found a quick and dirty hack to stop Google Chrome using disk caching, speeding up performance as it previously had to pull from disk on each load and also using less system resources.

In my setup I’m using a MacBook Pro with an SSD and 5400rpm HDD, using the 5400rpm to store my user directory.

(Warning, the following will set up Chrome as new-ish. You will have to re-enter passwords etc, but your history and other elements will stay intact.)

Open your favourite terminal
cd /Applications/Google\
cp Google\ Chrome chrome
cat /dev/null > Google\ Chrome
nano Google\ Chrome
Paste the next step:
exec /Applications/Google\ โ€“disk-cache-dir=โ€/dev/null/โ€ $@
ctrl + x
Open Google Chrome as you usually would and re-set-up.

There’s now a DMG you can use to do the entire process for you at

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