September 18, 2014

HP 650 Laptop Won’t Turn On

I recently had an issue with a HP 650 laptop that wouldn’t turn on, yet the power button light would illuminate for around 5 to 10 seconds and the charge port was lit up. I tried numerous different chargers, with and without the battery, removing the RAM and hard drive also. I then removed the CMOS (watch type) battery for 10 seconds and then reseated it, the computer then booted. This seems to be a common issue for these laptops, so hopefully this will help some people. CMOS battery remove guide is situated in the pictures below.

  1. Remove the battery at the underside of the laptop and undo the screw (located in the red circle in the below picture) using a small screwdriver, lift up the plastic cover, revealing the RAM, that was held on by the screw and place it to one side; the screw will stay in place so don’t worry about losing it.
  2. At the top edge of the plastic cover you just removed will be another screw (located in the red circle in the below picture), unscrew it and remove the next section of plastic cover, revealing the hard drive and CMOS battery.
  3. Using the small screw driver, pull out the watch battery from the small gap at the front. Leave it out of the laptop for around 10 seconds before reseating it back in it’s previous position.
  4. Follow the steps backwards (3 to 1) to reattach the plastic covers.
  5. Try the laptop again now with the charger and/or battery reconnected and see if that’s fixed it.

Hope that helps a few people.



  • Hi, I won’t comment a lot on the information that was mention above with the clear picture of how to troubleshoot Hp 650 laptop which I had a same problem so I’ll give a try from that procedures.

    Thanks & Cheers

    • Hi Robert,

      What issues are you currently facing with it? Was it the same as mine where it wouldn’t turn on? Is the charger port lit up? Try taking the battery out and powering on without it in.

  • Hey I got a different Problem i guess. I flashed my Bios (Updated it) Now the Laptop wont turn On. When Iยดm pressing the Powerbutton the light for Caps lock and Wifi just blink… Nothing more.. Any advises? Sorry for my bad english im from Germany ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Hi thanks for the tip but it hasnt worked for me as yet.
    Like you said, I took.out the laptop battery, then removed the ram, then followed by the cmos battery for a bout 10 second more, Then replaced the cmos battery, ram and main battery,pressed the power botton, thr power botton light stays on for 5 seconds and goes off,when I connect a charger, it starts to charge, do you have any other suggestions?

    • Hi Babak,

      It may be a motherboard issue if it’s not working. Is it a HP 650 that is’t happening on?


      • Hi
        Thank you so much for your swift reply. Yes its a hp 650, does this mean now I have to open the whole laptop to find the fault on the motherboard? Or do you have other suggestion that I can possibly tryout?


        • I would possibly try removing all power, including CMOS battery, to the laptop for over an hour to make sure everything is fully reset first. Is it still under warranty by any chance?

          • I took out the battery, the ram, the cmos battery and left it like that for 2 hours but still no results.
            But thanks anyway for your assistance

  • 1) Remove covers as explained above
    2) Then remove the 4 screws holding the hard disk drive in
    3) Disconnect the sata cable and put drive to side
    4) Power up machine
    5) Press F10, did you get into system setting?
    6) Yes — Check system log should show hard disk error code
    7) No —- Sorry this is of no use
    8) For windows use chkdsk /r K: — where K: is the faulty partition if no next attempt
    9) Using a repair cd such as Hirens boot cd on another machine connect hdd to a spare sata cable or usb sata caddy, and using the data recovery tools to repair the partition

  • I had a same problem in my Toshiba Satellite C50-A I001C Laptop do you have any suggestion for that ??

  • This was spot on information. Tried the other things for this laptop, but this info saved me sending it to the shop for repair. Thanks!

  • Just wanted to say thank you!! This saved an old but very important work laptop and all my work. My laptop ‘died’ without any warning but replacing the CMOS battery, as described above, fixed my problem. I’ve learnt my lesson to backup all my work in case anything happens again!
    Thank you, thank you, thank you.

  • Thanks – this thread just brought my old laptop back to life!
    Now I just need to figure out why some keys no longer work (“L”, “DELETE” and the “.” I’ve noticed so far). Any ideas for that?
    Thanks again!

  • Hy thanks for sharing your technical idea…
    Please do you have a whatsapp group or whatsapp number that one can reach you with an instant consult?

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